Backup  and  Surveil

Sphere Backup is a unique and robust backup software for backing up data on servers and desktop computers.

Use the Centurion to monitor yours, your collegues or database data while running backup. Sphere Backup will warn you or your collegues when irregularities are found.

Schedule when to backup your data.

Pre- and post-tasks: Exit/Start Outlook, Restart Windows, Exit Sphere Backup or Insert Pauses.

Print or email reports.

Execute file(s) and/or script(s).

Encrypt data using 256-bit AES.

Zip data with timestamp and store history.

Specify max amount space to use on your backup storage area (for example 500 Gbytes).

Please contact us if you need a tailored backup module. Enjoy our tutorials and feel free to test the freeware version of Sphere Backup.

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